About Us


When building owner Jeff met Chad & Rebecca, he knew he'd found something special. The more he learned about Chad’s food background, the more the potential for using this space in Lowertown for community became apparent. A couple of years ago, Jeff was on a trip with his Danish family having a conversation that went into the evening and the word Hygga kept coming up. When Jeff asked for more clarity, his family explained it in depth, and he knew he had to bring it to Lowertown. “Choosing something that is fitting with the history of the building and the future of Lowertown brought us to the decision to work together."

We know and love food. 
    Chad has over twenty years of experience in the food industry. He has done everything from being a cook for a greasy spoon café and wading in vats of cheese at a creamery for high school jobs to advising top food production companies of the world. He’s seen food preparation in a range of settings from the mass to the micro and always imagined a better way. After spending time in the big corporate mass production culture, he wanted to go his own way and be able to deliver the way he knows is better. 
    Rebecca has been motivated to bring more high-quality coffee options to MN and on a mission to find the best cold coffee around. After years of trial/error and exploring what other parts of the world do with coffee beans, I am ecstatic that Chad came up with something we love for a perfectly smooth cold brew!

Rebecca: We are at our best when we work together and get to spend time together as a family. Having a place in the community that our kids can grow into and a place we can work together to develop is essential for us in building a legacy for them. We have been into incorporating Hygga elements in our home to embrace the colder and darker seasons since we first heard the term in 2015. Being able to put what we’ve grown to love into practice for serving Lowertown is genuinely a dream come true.